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GTCDA Quick Facts
  • The G.T.C.D.A. is a steel-tip dart league with members from both Northeastern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia.
  • League play takes place at Sponsoring Businesses in the Greater Tri-Cities area.
  • The G.T.C.D.A. shall practice no discrimination because of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality.
  • New members are welcome to join any time before or during a season.
  • Membership is an automatic acceptance of the current Rules of Play.
  • Teams consist of at least 4 players and no more than 8 players.
  • Teams may choose to play matches on either Monday or Tuesday nights weekly at 7:30 pm. following the match profile listed below.
    • 4 Singles 501(SI/DO) Matches
    • 4 Singles Cricket Matches
    • 2 Doubles 601(DI/DO) Matches
    • 2 Doubles Cricket Matches
    • 1 4-Person Team 1001(DI/DO) Match
  • Beginning with the Summer 2003 League, the G.T.C.D.A. started using a handicap system for league play.
  • At the beginning of a season, each player will be ranked depending on his/her previous league(s) performance using the following formula
    • 50% Average MVP's/Game + 40% Singles Win PCT + 10% Doubles Win PCT + a Player's "Big Dart Average"
    • This average consists of the total award winning darts divided by the total number of games he/she plays.
    • New players will be ranked at a .450, unless decided otherwise by the Executive Council.
Announcements & Reminders
Date Reminders

Here are some dates that we wanted to get out to you for planning purposes.

  • May 7th - State Team Celebration Blind Draw @ American Legion. Sign up start at 6pm and close at 7pm -- MORE DETAILS TO COME!!
  • May 21st - MVP tournament - venue to be determined
  • June 4th - Banquet - venue to be determined
  • June 25th - Players tournament, waiting on TDO approval on date. Venue to be determined

Rescheduled Matches and Match Report Deadline

Attention Captains:

All matches must be played and submitted by Friday, May 6th at noon or the missing match reports will be submitted as a double forfeit and be considered a loss for both teams in order for us to complete the playoff schedule in a timely manner.

High In and High Out Winter 2016

High In

Chris Barnett 160

Eddie Wilson 160

High Out

Tyler Greer 160

Upcoming Matches
Tuesday May 03, 2016 (Week 14)
Who Flung Poo @ C.R.S.
Panic Attack @ Poppen Flights
Damage Incorporated @ Tripsters
Taterheads @ A Hokie and 3 Smokeys
Just The Tip @ I'd Hit That!?!
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster @ Wolfe's Den
Fire N The Hole @ Cuyler Clan
The Wohlfpack @ Leave It In The Box